The DSAA Talkshop Series Ghana Country Presentation

The DSAA Talkshop Series is once again back for its second installment next week!

The DSAA Talkshop Series is once again back for its second installment next week! After a successful discussion about Rwanda last January, the DSAA Talkshop on the 16th of February at 13:00 to 15:00 (CET) will explore the Republic of Ghana.

According to the Ghana Outsourcing Destination Guide by the German Outsourcing Association, “When looking at Africa in the context of technology and ICT services we need to take into account its size, regional alliances and different phases of developing countries are at. That’s why it is not farfetched to speak of regional ICT hubs on the continent. Now Ghana’s government is aiming to establish the country as a regional hub for digital services. And it does it for the right reasons. Because the development of technology services and products is a reliable and strong driver for economic development – for the creation of higher-quality jobs, for a jump in education, for inclusion, and for improving productivity.”

We would like to warmly invite all our member companies, stakeholders, and partners, specifically their C-level executives, department heads (recruitment, marketing & communications, business development, etc.), trainers, and other relevant staff who might be interested to discover Rwanda and connect with relevant individuals and companies. We place high value to really get to know everyone, share what we are doing and how we can create impact together!

In order to put a spotlight on DSAA member company benefits such as: funding for studies, assessments, and outsourcing guides, support with the development and financing of training programs, and access to the DSAA company network. We invited Stephan Fricke, who conceptualized and produced the Outsourcing Destination Guides for Ghana, Rwanda and soon to be released- Senegal and Ivory Coast. He will provide some expert opinion regarding relevant facts & figures about Ghana, as presented in the publication. Matthew Darkwa, the Director of Operations of the DSAA member company AmaliTech, will share his insights on how to run a DSAA funded training program on the ground in Ghana and the key challenges and accomplishments that come along the way. Last but not least, Kojo Hayford from eServices Africa will provide relevant information about his experience in collaborating with the DSAA from a new member perspective as well as he will share his insights based on his established professional experience on how to further collaborate and network especially in Ghana. 

Stephan Fricke: DSAA funding for studies, assessments and outsourcing guides

Stephan Fricke is CEO of the German Outsourcing Association and the German Process Automation Association. In these functions he is greatly embedded in the European and international ICT services and Global Business Services sector and has built platforms and services that reach and connect today several hundred thousand people.

He is leading the editorial for the Outsourcing Journal and the RPA Journal and is organizing annual international conferences to exchange and build connections between the German and the international ICT, GBS and Process Automation community. He is using his insights to develop strategies and tactics for sustainable market expansion and ICT sector growth. Stephan has been working in several marketing and market development management roles in software, ICT research and business services companies and thus brings a hands-on mentality to his work.

Matthew Darkwa: DSAA support for the development and financing of training programs 

Prior to joining AmaliTech to oversee operations in Ghana, Matthew served as Business Development Manager at TST Solutions, a Ghanaian training and certification provider. Matthew has over 16 years of experience as an IT solutions specialist and manager for various multinational corporations based in the UK. He holds a degree in Computer Communications from the University of Northampton in the UK and an ITIL Certificate for IT Service Management.

Kojo Hayford: Access to the DSAA company network and beyond

Over the past three decades, Kojo Afedzi Hayford has presided over creating and nurturing a string of technology-enabled business transformation-focused startups in a diverse set of industries, including Energy Distribution services, Digital Health & Patient Experience Platforms, Digital Financial Services, and Customer Experience Services. 

Kojo is currently the Founder and CEO of eSAL LLC, a leading Business Process Outsourcing and Customer Experience transformations services in Africa, focusing on cultivating authentic engagements between brand ambassadors and their clients’ customers. He is also the Founder of NuMedika LLC, a Digital Health company focused on transforming Healthcare in Africa by utilizing the power of mobile technology and virtual health delivery platforms, and Kojoji Holding. Throughout his personal and professional life, Kojo has shown himself to be a thought leader with a passion for developing high-performance teams, to deliver unparalleled service experience to customers either in a direct-to-consumer or partner relationship in a B-2-B engagement model.  

Kojo’s mission is to open up new frontiers in Africa for global brands and showcase what he considers to be the rough diamonds that is the youth in the human fabric of this fascinating continent, which, when empowered and enabled with exponential technology, are going to transform how business conducted on a global scale.  

Breakout Sessions & Discussion

After each presentation, our moderators have prepared collaborative online activities which will enable everyone to talk to each other, share their perspectives, and encourage synergies within DSAA. 


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