AmaliTech – Empowering the next generation of technology leaders in Ghana and Rwanda

A social business with the mission of empowering the next generation of technology leaders.

Founded in 2019, AmaliTech is a social business with the mission of empowering the next generation of technology leaders in Africa by providing employment pathways to young graduates in Sub-Saharan Africa and connecting them to the global demand for tech talent. As a founding member of the DSAA e. V., AmaliTech’s mission plays well into the overall goal of the association – creating sustainable value across the continent!

We are quickly growing our footprint

AmaliTech set up its first Training Academy in Takoradi, Ghana end of 2019. Two years later, we have been able to offer over 300 traineeships to young, motivated talent in Ghana, created over 130 high-quality jobs, and are quickly growing our footprint in other African countries.

In the last quarter of 2021, AmaliTech opened its second Training Academy in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Over 20 trainees are currently enrolled in the digital programme – a self-paced one-to-three-month training that offers skills in Software Development and Engineering with specialisations in the areas of Frontend Development, Backend Development and Full-Stack Development. Successful graduates have the option of using AmaliTech as a platform to be self-employed, seeking gainful employment on their own, or joining AmaliTech’s Service Centre.

“ We want to develop the talent of young people while creating jobs for them. That will help the tech sector in Rwanda in the long run. If they work with big companies in Europe, they will learn so many things.” – Roger Uwayezu, Training Manager at AmaliTech in Rwanda

Creating sustainable employment pathways

Our Service Centre offers opportunities to work on international client projects, which is made possible through a subsidiary of AmaliTech – AmaliTech Services GmbH, based in Germany, and responsible for client outreach in Europe. Clients have the option of working closely with AmaliTech’s teams, using agile methodologies for smooth project collaboration. Past projects have included services in Salesforce commerce cloud, IoT message broker benchmarking, as well as data analytics and management for GIS and autonomous driving/safety platforms. AmaliTech is continuously growing with new trainees and graduates joining the Training Academies and Service Centres on a rolling basis. In the next five years, AmaliTech plans to create 1.000 jobs and 3.000 traineeships – providing sustainable jobs and continuous opportunities to work on a global level!

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