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We’re looking for leading digital businesses to join us in our mission to create sustainable value across Africa. Becoming a member of DSAA could help to extend your reach across the continent by tapping into our business network, training resources and local know-how. And, you’ll be playing an essential role in building digital talent for a growing Africa.

Why become a member?

reasons to join the DSAA

Funding of training programmes:

A membership gives you access to funding for training programmes and enables a quick and easy contractual process.

Support in development:

We support you with the project set-up and development, monitoring, evaluation, and stakeholder communication.

Needs-based trainings:

You decide what you need! All trainings are conceptualized individually and meet the specific needs of the training company.

Funding of market studies:

As a DSAA member you get funding for market studies and access to results of studies implemented by other members.


Exchange knowledge and best practices with other members at DSAA events and get access to local networks, and political partners.


Utilize synergies to develop joint trainings, share infrastructure, and streamline recruiting channels.


DSAA implements studies & events on industry & outsourcing trends, gender, inclusion etc. Gain new insights & network at the same time!


Additional marketing support through the DSAA website & social media channels and GIZ activities such as on-site photos and videos.

Acceleration of projects and growth:

We support you with the project set-up and development, monitoring, evaluation, and stakeholder communication.

Back-office and on-site support:

Benefit from German development cooperation on-site & support from the DSAA office in Germany.

Who can join the DSAA?

Companies engaging with the DSAA should …

…operate in the BPO or ICT industry or have business lines in the digital sector.

…have a branch in an African country or concrete ambitions to expand to Africa.

…be of any size from start-ups to large cooperations.

…share the goal of closing the skill gap between Africa and Europe.

…be active in or open for the topics gender and inclusion of persons with disabilities.

…have the potential to create jobs in the partner countries.

commit to a long-term engagement within the association.

How to become a member?

Get in Contact:

Let’s get to know each other in a first online meeting and answer all your questions.

Become a DSAA Member:

Send a membership application to the DSAA team. If our criteria are met, the Board approves and we can start collaborating.

Development of a Project Idea:

Jointly with the DSAA team, you develop a training that fosters job creation in Africa and at the same time, benefits your company.


A service contract between your company and the DSAA is drawn covering the agreed project activities.

Project Implementation:

Let’s go! Your company implements the training program and receives administrative and on-site support from the DSAA team and local partners.

Do you want more information about the DSAA?

Contact our team

FAQ: Joining the DSAA

Please contact us via with a short introduction of your company and aspirations within
the DSAA. We will set up an introduction call with the core team. Upon qualification, your membership
application will be reviewed by the Board of the DSAA. Once approved, you will be contacted regarding your next steps as a new member of the DSAA.

In general, the DSAA is open to interested companies, that have already established a presence in
Africa or plan to expand to Africa in the near future. Your projects should be related to IT or Digital
Services or Business Process Outsourcing and contribute to the overall goal of creating sustainable
jobs in Africa.
The DSAA places a special focus on the inclusion of persons with disabilities and women in the
IT sector. We encourage companies to join the DSAA that follow a similar mission of including
disadvantaged groups in the digital workspace.

The DSAA is collecting a membership contribution to cover base costs of the association. The membership
contributed is calculated (1) based on a fixed membership contribution (depending on size of
company) and (2) based on a flexible fee (depending on the project funding received by the DSAA in
the previous year). Details are documented in the contribution regulations of the association’s statutes.

Commitment to the DSAA as a member is documented in the statutes of the association. The
resignation of membership takes place through a written declaration to a member of the
Board. The period of notice for resignation is 12 months to the end of the year.

The Special Initiative “Decent Work for a Just Transition” of the German Federal Ministry for Economic
Cooperation and Development (BMZ) offers measures to support investment activities
that have a high impact on employment in Africa – comprehensive advice, contacts and financial
support to overcome investment barriers. Hereby, the German Development Agency (GIZ) implements
projects for the BMZ and other ministries. The DSAA is an independent organisation that is supported
by the BMZ, with operational support from GIZ.

Over time, the DSAA has gathered collective knowledge, that is shared within the association. By joining the DSAA you will get unique local insights from DSAA companies, that are active in various countries of Africa. You will receive information about upskilling and digital job creation, as well as contacts, studies, and research regarding African markets and relevant topics, such as gender equity and inclusion of persons with disabilities. DSAA member companies are supported to establishing local presences in Africa by accessing existing infrastructures and cooperation partners and receiving crucial information regarding cultural sensitivities, sourcing channels, as well as training programmes and potential cooperation partners. The DSAA is an association of companies. Aside from the exchange formats offered by the DSAA, it is strongly encouraged to join the network with a proactive mindset and actively create synergies.

You will also have the opportunity to receive active support regarding the development of your projects that focus on employment promotion and/or supporting disadvantaged groups in the digital workspace.

Typically, projects are supported that fall within the categories of training and up-skilling programs, support of entrepreneurial activities, market studies, as well as other activities that lead to an increased employment or the inclusion of disadvantaged groups in Africa. Training programmes should contribute to upskilling local trainees with a concrete employment potential. Upon successful graduation, trainees are to be employed within the company’s structure or in the local ecosystem. Market studies should contribute to an optimal preparation for the expansion to a new country and analysis of concrete employment potential in the digital sector.

The process of implementing a project with the DSAA depends on a number of factors and the status of company as a member or partner with the DSAA. Generally speaking, the project process can be divided into three main parts: project development, contracting and implementation.

Project development includes the joint development of project outlines according to DSAA criteria. The company will individually develop a curriculum and budget that will be quality checked to ensure that project adheres to the standards of the association.

Once the project has been set up, the exact service package will be defined and recorded as part of a services contract between the DSAA and the company. Companies can either use their own personnel to conduct the activities and contract external service providers, actively taking advantage of ecosystem synergies. Contracting companies must contribute financially to the project by 50%.

Once the contracting is complete, an operational plan is drafted, that is implemented within the agreed timeframe. Activities are documented and shared with the DSAA as part of a regular monitoring. After completion of training reporting of activities will be carried out in close collaboration with the DSAA.

As a member of the DSAA, you are able to establish a programme in any African country. GIZ, as main funding provider, has a special focus on the following countries: Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Egypt, and Rwanda.

It is especially encouraged to create synergies among DSAA member companies. Following the idea of building local ecosystems, we reached excellent results with efficient time and resource distribution.

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