SOLVIT AFRICA’s partnership with Tech Affinity

SOLVIT AFRICA’s partnership with Tech Affinity. Learn more about this.

Tech Affinity is a company that sources projects from companies and helps them provide
technological solutions for these projects. These solutions may include websites, mobile
applications, and other programs.

The partnership was signed in July 2021, and it was largely on the basis of an intersection of
missions. Tech Affinity, a company that provides tech solutions, needed quality human
resources to continue to provide these solutions to their clients. SolvIT Africa, on the other hand,
trains young capable people in skills that qualify them to enter and thrive in the tech market. It
was simply a case of matching demand with supply. SOLVIT AFRICA was able to convince Tech
Affinity of the potential that exists in Rwanda for their company and their ability to provide the
company with the skilled labour they needed as they expanded to Africa.
As a result of the success of the partnership, Tech Affinity has been able to set up a base in
Kigali. The Grand Opening of this branch took place on the 14th of March at the Kigali
Convention Centre with many esteemed guests in attendance, including the Minister of ICT and
innovation, Hon. Paula Ingabire.

“Welcome TechAffinity to Rwanda, you are in the right place, & I believe the centre will be a
great addition to our innovation & technology ecosystem, & look forward to your collaboration
with the local startups, & your contributions to the growth of the sector.” – Hon. Minister Paula
So far, SOLVIT AFRICA has provided the company with about 50 employees which include
Software Developers, Project Managers, Product Managers, and more. All these employees are
individuals who have passed through SOLVIT’s training program. The company intends to
provide tech Affinity with even more qualified employees from its program, but this will happen
over time as they continue to receive new cohorts.

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