SOLVIT Africa- A new member company

SOLVIT AFRICA has now joined the DSAA as an official member company of the association.

SOLVIT AFRICA, a tech training and BPO company based in Kigali, Rwanda has now joined
the DSAA as an official member company of the association. This partnership started in
December 2021, and since then, SOLVIT has seen significant growth in available resources.
The Rwandan tech market is rapidly growing, with many new tech initiatives being launched to
solve challenges in various sectors of the economy. However, there seems to be a mismatch
between the amount of talent needed and the amount of talent that is actually available. SOLVIT
Africa aims to bridge that gap and is successfully doing so through its tech training program. To
fully bridge this gap though, SolvIT needs to scale its provisions significantly more, and this is
where the DSAA has come in to lend a helping hand – or rather, a supporting one. The
partnership with the DSAA is helping SolvIT to close the financial gap they initially had, but even
apart from financing, SolvIT continues to receive mentorship from the association and this has
been a significant contributor to its growth.

Since the partnership was initiated, SolvIT has been much better equipped to work towards its
goal of educating and building the future generation of technology leaders in Rwanda through
the training and upskilling programs it currently delivers. At the moment, SolvIT has received
and tutored its second cohort of trainees, a cohort that is now coming to a successful end in
April 2022. There are now plans to accept a much larger cohort with the support of the DSAA.
SolvIT Africa Product and Project manager, Kennedy Odhiambo, explained the rationale behind
choosing the DSAA as a partner. He highlighted the supportive nature of the association and
how their interactions with other member companies was an element of attraction. He also
notes that courtesy of DSAA, SolvIT Africa has been opportune to attend events hosting top
companies in the technology sector, and through this, much mentorship has been received.

“The DSAA does not only give the funds to support their partners, but they also go an extra mile
to ensure that they share KPIs and help the companies to meet those KPIs. This creates some
sort of monitoring and evaluation system that we find particularly efficient. ” 

– Kennedy Odhiambo, Project & Product Manager

Joseph Semafara, Founder and CEO of SOLVIT AFRICA, has also expressed his utmost
satisfaction with the DSAA and how this partnership is helping him make the impact he has
envisioned. “My mission to this planet is to really see how much impact I can create in the lives of people,
especially young people, and how many footsteps I can leave behind for the next generation to
follow. Partnering with the DSAA doesn’t only give me access to the finance I need to do that,
but also the confidence that I will achieve the dreams I have for SOLVIT AFRICA” says Joseph.
It is through partnerships like this with the DSAA that SolvIT is able to truly achieve its mission
and be the much-needed change to the Rwandan tech ecosystem. SolvIT Africa has high hopes
for the partnership and foresees a future of many possibilities and mutual benefits.

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