Entry level software development in Rwanda aka. “The Gym”

The Gym, hosted by Ape Unit, is a highly intense software development training program that aims to produce the best developers in Rwanda. The program lasts for six months, and recruits 30 trainee developers for Ape Unit afterwards. Ape Unit is a German digital agency with a distributed team of developers and designers working on digital transformation projects, including international clients. Successful graduates will receive an offer to work as junior developers for Ape Unit on their international projects. The program is full-time, and the intense curriculum requires long hours and excellent teamwork. The traineeship is an on-site program conducted in Kigali, where Ape Unit rents a private house to facilitate close working relationships and homely atmosphere among all trainees of the Gym. Ape Unit provides scholarships that cover the entire tuition fee for the program, and participants receive a stipend – further benefits are available to the highest-performing trainees. The Gym supports trainees to pursue their passion for software development and provides capacities to invest a high volume of time and energy. Trainees expand their already strong foundations in software development and routinely use their English skills with international clients The Gym program is unique due to its intensity, its focus on developing the best developers in the whole of Rwanda, and the opportunity to work with a prestigious digital agency like Ape Unit.
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