On-the-job Middle Management Training Programm

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is an opportunity to source qualified ICT-talents internationally. DSAA member company Webhelp is one of the leading BPO providers on the African continent, especially in the West African country of Senegal. Despite the growing business opportunities and investments, the Senegalese labour market provides too few potential employees with the necessary international management skills. International clients expect fast and high-quality delivery from cloud providers or software companies, as well as professional behaviour under time pressure and problem-solving skills to prevent delivery issues. Webhelp closes the skills gap through the implementation of an on-the-job middle management training program. As part of this capacity building exercise in Senegal, participants received intensive training in management skills, project steering, legal topics, and human resources. The upskilled middle managers act as strong multipliers of employment creation, since they can supervise teams of entry level employees in return. Over the course of the training, it emerged that one upskilled middle manager creates capacities for an average of eight more entry level employees. Trainings such as facilitated by Webhelp in Senegal are an effective measure to reduce skills shortages and support employees to take leadership roles. To accelerate economic inclusion even further, Webhelp’s program was accompanied by the identification and implementation of activities to address women’s economic empowerment in Senegal. Together with DSAA, Webhelp supported an NGO of rural women to assess their specific needs from a gender-sensitive perspective. In a second step, Webhelp provided the necessary machinery and goods for the women to process their resources in a more effective way.
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