Faces of DSAA: Meet Paradis Isimbi from Taskforce 3.0

We are elated to have Code of Africa GmbH as a member company of the Digital Skills Accelerator Africa!

Located in Germany, it is Code of Africa’s goal to generate positive social and economic impact by making the tech talent hub, East Africa, available to the demand market in Germany, Austria and, Switzerland. Together with their local partners, like Awesomity Lab, Code of Africa is building a valuable Developer-as-a-Service talent pool, by training and upskilling young tech enthusiasts in Rwanda – ultimately contributing to overall economic growth and job creation! From their Taskforce 3.0, let us find out more on how Code of Africa is perceived by its participant Paradis Isimbi.

What is your name and your educational background?

My name is Paradis Isimbi, a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and IT at the University of Rwanda.

At what point in your life did you decide to be part of the ICT sector? How did you come to this decision?

As a kid I have always been passionate about electronic gadgets, growing up I was the one to always configure my parent’s gadgets out of curiosity but it always ended up working. It started from small things like those and eventually found myself attracted to the ICT sector and decided to follow that path.

How did you hear about TaskForce and what convinced you to apply?

I was already an intern at Awesomity Lab when I first heard about Taskforce. My facilitator explained the training structure and it was interesting. I joined because I was convinced it would help me grow professionally by training me to be the best version of myself.

What has changed (personally or professionally) since you joined the program?

Since I joined the Taskforce I grew both professionally and personally. The Taskforce has allowed me to reflect on myself as a person, correct, and adapt to situations better. Professionally the Taskforce has sharpened my skills, taught me how to do my work in a more effective and clean way. As of now, my skills are way better than when I joined. 

What is your favorite part about the program?

My favorite part about the program so far is the team-building sessions. We get to reflect on ourselves using the most interactive games, out of a simple game you can realize a lot about yourself.

What is your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge so far has been on the technical side. I was given the challenge to design a mockup and look for a project that fits the functionalities I was given, I learned a lot from this challenge.

How would you apply the knowledge gained from this program to solving local problems and making an impact on society?

I believe that what I do is meant to ease people’s lives, UI UX is basically making the user feel the best way they can while using the platform, and this impacts society a lot.

Paradis is one of the graduates who have proven their skills in software development after their five weeks training. Their graduation projects, KUSANEZA and MOVE IN, are indeed interesting as they address relevant societal topics.

The graduates worked on KUSANEZA, a software solution targeting parents as well as health institutions to fight malnutrition and MOVE IN, a platform connecting buyers and sellers for low- to mid-price housing in Rwanda. These projects were then presented to Awesomity Lab as well as Code of Africa.

As the graduates finished their training programs, we are looking forward to seeing how they continue to use their digital skills in order to make a difference through developing high quality digital projects.

Check out more of the latest updates and stories from Code of Africa, visit their LinkedIn page.

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