We’re looking for leading other digital businesses to join us in our mission to create sustainable value across Africa. Becoming a member of DSAA could help to extend your reach across the continent by tapping into our business network, training resources and local know-how. And, you’ll be playing an essential role in building digital talent for a growing Africa.


Support with the development and financing of training programs

Efficient entry into development cooperation by supporting with project set-up and development, monitoring and evaluation, stakeholder communications and facilitation of employment activities.

Draw on funding for research, studies and consultancy services

Smooth access and delivery to decisive information in the areas of e.g., empowerment of women and inclusion of persons with disabilities, as well as digital services and BPO sector in local markets.

Access to the DSAA company network

Utilize synergies to develop joint training programs, share infrastructure, streamline recruiting channels and thereby amplify sustainable impacts in the African IT-sector.




Send us a message with a short introduction of your company and aspirations within DSAA.​


We will contact you and set up an introduction call with one of our founding members.


Upon qualification, your formal application will be reviewed by the board of DSAA.


Once approved, you will be contacted regarding your next steps as a new member of the DSAA.

Do you want more information about DSAA?

Contact our Project Development Manager Matthias Lenz.

FAQ: Joining the DSAA

Please contact us at with a short introduction of your company and aspirations within the DSAA. We will set up an introduction call with the core team. Upon qualification, your membership application will be reviewed by the board of the DSAA. Once approved, you will be contacted regarding your next steps as a new member of the DSAA.
In general, the DSAA is open to interested companies, that have already established a presence in Africa or plan to expand to Africa in the near future. Your projects should be related to IT/Digital Services or Business Process Outsourcing and contribute to the overall goal of creating sustainable jobs in Africa. The DSAA places a special focus on the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities and women in the IT/digital sector. We encourage companies to join the DSAA that follow a similar mission of including disadvantaged groups in the digital workspace.
The DSAA is collecting a membership fee to cover base costs of the association. The membership contributed is calculated (1) based on a fixed membership contribution (depending on size of company) and (2) based on a flexible fee (depending on the project funding received by the DSAA in the previous year). Details are documented in the contribution regulations of the association’s statutes
Commitment to the DSAA as a member is documented in the statutes of the association. The resignation of membership takes place through a written declaration to a member of the Executive Board. Resignation is only allowed at the end of a calendar year with observation of a notice of termination period of 12 months..
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