The Digital Skills Accelerator Africa side event 

Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Digital Industries:
The DSAA Approach

A major focus of the DSAA and the Special Initiative on Training and Job Creation is to strengthen and promote an inclusive working environment. The DSAA has therefore made the promotion of equal opportunities for women and the inclusion of persons with disabilities part of its strategy.  As a unique selling point, DSAA supports member companies with a range of activities to foster these objectives. In this endeavour, DSAA draws on local expertise and cooperates with local/national women rights experts and organisations as well as disabled people’s organisations (DPOs) in order to embed activities in national/local human rights ecosystems. Organizations working at the intersection of digitalization and inclusion represent particularly interesting partners for the DSAA.


In this session, DSAA aims to expound on its approach to the inclusion of persons with disabilities from Africa in digital industries and to highlight some of the achievements so far. The session is open to individuals and organizations with an interest in digital skills development, employment, innovation and the empowerment of persons with disabilities.  


Martin Kieti


External Consultant for Network And Capacity-Building

Nina Gebauer


DSAA Consultant, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Collins Losu


Inclusion Manager, Azubi Africa / getINNOtized

Sharon Tracy Phanos


HR Analyst, AmaliTech

Francis Nsiah

Ghanaian Sign Language Interpreter

Trainer Assistant, AmaliTech

Judee Bendiola


DSAA Marketing Lead

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Do you consider yourself to be: 

  • A person with intellectual disability
  • An autistic person
  • A person with deafblindness
  • A person with psychosocial disability
  • A person who is blind or partially sighted
  • A person with physical impairments
  • A deaf person
  • A person who is hard of hearing or has other hearing impairments
  • A person with another disability not yet mentioned
  • A person without disability
  • A family member of a person with disability

Please feel free to contact our DSAA Marketing Lead, Judee Bendiola for further support.